Andreas Folkers

Andreas Folkers

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I’m a sociologist with research interests spanning political, economic, and environmental sociology, social theory and science and technology studies. I’m working as a post-doc at the Justus-Liebig University Gießen, Institute for Sociology where I head a DFG-funded research project on climate risks in finance. I studied Social Sciences and Philosophy at the Goethe University Frankfurt and the New School for Social Research, New York and graduated in Frankfurt in 2010 where I also completed my PhD (2017) and worked as a research associate in the sociology department (2011-2018). I have been a fellow at the Max-Weber-Center, Erfurt in 2018 and a visiting scholar at the New School (2018) and the London School of Economics (2022) and a Member at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, School of Social Science (2022-203).  My work has been funded/awarded by the Heinrich-Böll Foundation, the German National Academic Foundation, the Volkswagen Foundation, the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation, and the German Research Foundation (DFG).  I have published a monograph and numerous articles in journals such as Theory, Culture & Society, EPD: Society and Space, Economy and Society, European Journal of Social Theory, Security Dialogue, and Social Studies of Science.

My work investigates the bio- and technopolitics of contemporary societies from a perspective that combines the analytical sensibilities of STS with approaches in (critical) social theory. I have worked on topics such as disaster preparedness and critical infrastructure protection, the energy transition, and symbio-socialities. I’m currently PI of a DFG-funded research project on stranded assets and climate risks in finance. The project looks at the “pipelines” between fossil and financial capital and analyses attempts to govern financial risks associated with decarbonization. In addition, I’m writing a (second) book tentatively titled “Fossil Modernity. A Natural History of the Present” on the rise, fall, and afterlives of the cataclysmic ligature between modern societies and fossil fuels.

Research Interests


Political Sociology (governmentality, biopolitics, security); Economic Sociology (risk, finance, neoliberalism); Environmental Sociology (climate, energy, Anthropocene)

Social Theory

Sociological theory, political theory, poststructuralism, actor-network-theory, (new) materialisms, critical theories, systems theory


Infrastructure, life sciences and biotechnology, social studies of finance / valuation / accounting


Dr. Andreas Folkers

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